Matcha med


Med a sušená matcha.

Balení: 200g

97% estonský med, 3% sušená matcha



do jedné plné krabice vína (pro 6 lahví) umíme přidat 2 sklenice medu.

175 Kč

Med je pastovaný, takže nekrystalizuje a je pořád krásně roztíratelný.

Sušená matcha (japonský zelený čaj) ma jemnou a lehoulince hořkou chuť. A výsledný med má samozřejmě zelenou barvu.


Slova autora:

Already green as a color alone helps to get rid of anxiety and nervousness, it brings hope, health and cheer. Now try to imagine the benefits of our combination of natural Estonian honey and Japanese green tea powder — what a magical potion we have come up with! It is a powerful symbiosis between two long-standing traditions of two distant countries, carrying the most utmost health benefits. Matcha has a high value in antioxidants and vitamins, it boosts memory and concentration, burns calories and it's even promised to keep you happy.
Matcha enriches the honey with a unique subtle green tea taste. We encourage you to use it in many ways, starting from the tea (don't add honey when the water is still too hot!) desserts, even sauces. Or to be extra clever and take a spoonful directly from the jar after your lunch break as a healthy dessert—your colleagues will be intrigued how you always get your things done ahead of time.

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Kategorie: Artisan Honey